You’re not thinking small enough


So, what does Seth Godin say about niche marketing?

He says that it is one of the easiest ways to stand out in your market.

And he says you should choose “the smallest market you can imagine”:

“Stake out the smallest market you can imagine,” he says, “the smallest market that can sustain you, the smallest market you can adequately serve. This goes against everything you learned in capitalism school, but in fact, it’s the simplest way to matter.”

Of course, you know I agree.

Find a niche that’s large enough to sustain you but small enough you can carve out a significant chunk thereof.

And maybe dominate that market.

In other words, be the big fish in a small pond.

Most attorneys don’t target any market. They try to attract “anyone” with a legal problem they’re good at solving.

Hard to stand out that way.

Of the attorneys who do target specific niche markets, most choose markets that are too big and too spread out, and wind up spending a fortune and a lot of energy competing with a multitude of other attorneys.

Example? Targeting the Hispanic market in a city like Los Angeles.

Sorry, too big to be a niche.

Go smaller. “Hispanic restaurant owners in West Los Angeles,” for example.

Choose niche markets where you can identify key centers of influence and a way to communicate with them.

And then, once you’ve choosen a niche, figure out what you can do to make it even smaller.

This can help you choose your niche

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