Sorry, I’m not the right attorney for you


One of the advantages of developing a profile of your ideal client is that it allows you to quickly see who is–and isn’t–a good fit for you.

Knowing who isn’t right for you allows you to spend more time and resources marketing to and attracting those who are.

Most lawyers promote their services to “everyone” with a certain problem or need and qualify the ones who respond when they speak to them.

What if you did some of the qualifying first?

What if you aim your marketing bullets primarily at people with a specific type of case, in a certain business or industry, or who represent a certain amount of annual billing?

What if you didn’t advertise to, network with, or invest time or money getting your message in front of people who are likely to be a poor fit?

What if you spelled out in your marketing documents the kinds of clients you prefer to work with or cases you prefer to handle?

Two things will happen. First, many prospective clients will disqualify themselves and you won’t waste time speaking with them.

Second, you will attract more of the type of clients you want.

They will be attracted to your clarity and confidence. Clients prefer lawyers who specialize and when you specialize in clients like them, that’s even better.

This will help you develop a profile of your ideal client

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