Focus on the fundamentals


You don’t need a fancy website or expensive office. You don’t need a big marketing budget or a long list of big-name clients. You don’t need to be the best lawyer in town.

What you need is relentless attention to the basics:

  • Clients expect you to competently deliver the solutions and benefits they want and need.
  • They want you to pick up the phone when they call, reply to their emails, and keep them informed so they don’t have to ask you for a report.
  • They want you to listen to them, answer their questions clearly and completely, and be attentive to their needs.
  • They want you to bill “as agreed” and not “nickel-and-dime” them.
  • They want you to solve problems for them, not create new ones.

Clients don’t care if you’re telegenic. They care about what you do for them and how you make them feel.

Getting the basics right isn’t sexy. But they are fundamental to the success of your practice.

Marketing is simple when you know The Formula

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