Do you look like an attorney?


I was running errands with my wife and we parked so she could run into the market for a few things. After a few minutes, an older woman with a foreign accent came up to my car window, told me she was parked nearby and another car hit hers. She wanted to know what to do.

“What, do I look like an attorney?” I thought. Wait, that’s silly. She’s not from the US and is just being careful.

I told her to exchange information, get the other person’s insurance info, take a photo of the damage, and so on. She said there wasn’t much to see but she has a Tesla and you never know.

She thanked me and went back to her car.

I thought about what happened and asked myself if I would have done anything different if I was still practicing. Like handing her my card and telling her to call me if she had any questions.

That’s what you would do, right? Even though there weren’t any injuries. Even if you don’t handle personal injuries?

You’d do that because it’s a nice thing to do and because the woman might have other legal issues you could help her with.

You’d do that because she might have another accident some day, or know someone who does. Even if you don’t do PI, you know PI lawyers and would make a referral.

You’d do that because passing out a card (with your website on it) and telling people to call you if they have any questions is marketing 101.

You’re nodding your head in agreement right now, right?

Good. Now, just one more question. Do I look like an attorney?

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