Winging it


We’re told that before we start a project (or a career) we need a plan and we need to know what we’re doing. Otherwise, we’re being reckless and inviting failure.

Sure. Only that doesn’t work for all of us, at least not all the time.

How many times have you just fallen into something, with no plan or reason to believe you will succeed? You took a leap and built your wings on the way down.

That’s how I started my practice, my brother.

I rented an office, bought some furniture, a typewriter and some supplies, and opened my door for business.

I didn’t know how to build a practice, or run a practice. I knew slightly more than jack squat about practicing law. I had no clients, no money, no clue.

If I had been a patient in the ICU, you would have said I was terminal.

But the patient lived.

So, here’s the thing.

Whatever you’re contemplating, be it project or career, plan if you must but don’t beat yourself if you feel like winging it.

I met my wife without a plan. Built businesses without a plan. Wrote books and courses without a plan. And started a law practice (twice) without a plan.

You know what? If I had forced myself to create a plan before I started the things I’ve done, I’m not sure I would have started most of them.

Oh yeah, what you just read? No plan.

Want more referrals? I wrote the plan for you

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