Who are you and why should I hire you?


In any competitive market, your number one challenge is to stand out from your competition. After all, you have to get noticed before you can get hired. 

One of the best ways to stand out is to show the market that you are better at what you do than other lawyers in your market. If you can do that, you should. 

But proving you’re better isn’t easy.  

The alternative? Show them you are different. 

Let’s say you handle personal injury cases. Thousands of other attorneys offer the same services. What could you do to stand out?

You might create a blog that’s targeted to a specific type of client–industry, type of business or work, ethnicity, religion, or outside interest (e.g., classic car enthusiasts).

You might create videos of you sitting in front of the camera answering FAQs from prospective clients or telling war stories about some of your interesting cases.  

You might write a book about what to do when you are injured in an accident. 

You don’t have to do anything huge. Just different. Something other attorneys don’t do. Something prospective clients and referral sources will notice and remember. 

When they say, “Oh yeah, you’re the attorney who does those videos,” or “You’re the attorney who wrote that book,” you know you’re doing it right. 

In a competitive market, different is often better than better. It’s certainly a lot easier.  

How to stand out in a competitive market

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