What’s in your “done” column?


You plan your day before it begins. During the day, you “do”. At the end of the day, before planning tomorrow, you review what you did today to see what you did well and how you can improve.

A good way to examine your day is to review the things in your “done” column or list. As you do, ask yourself these four questions (and write down the answers):

  1. What did I do well today?You want to focus on the positive. Train yourself to focus on your strengths and your progress. Reinforce this by giving yourself credit for a job well done.
  2. What can I do better?Be honest with yourself. What would do differently? What would you avoid doing? What could you improve?
  3. What problems did I encounter?Identify stumbling blocks, distractions, or barriers that slowed you down or threw you off track. Note when they occurred and how you can prepare for the next time.
  4. What did I learn?What did you discover about yourself or about your work? Did you get any ideas for future projects or for improving your current systems? Did you find a new method or tool?

Asking and answering these four questions about your day, and periodically reviewing your notes, will help you continually achieve better outcomes. Over time, the effect will compound.

Schedule time each day to plan, do, and review.

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