Look Ma, I’m blogging!


Over the last two days, I’ve provided you with a couple of ways to quickly write a short blog post. Today, I have another method for you and it’s the quickest of them all.

It’s also easy because it’s something you do every day.

You guessed it, I’m talking about answering questions.

People ask lawyers questions all the time. What does this mean? What happens next? What’s the best way to accomplish this? What are my options? What should I do?

Write down as many questions as you can think of and answer them. Quickly.

  • What questions do you often receive in emails? (Start saving those emails.)
  • When you do a consultation, what do people usually want to know?
  • What do new clients want to know about their case?
  • What do people ask you during your presentations?
  • What do people ask you at parties or while you’re networking?
  • Look at the comments on your blog (or another lawyer’s blog); what are people asking?
  • Go look at forums where people post questions. What are they asking?
  • Do a keyword search and see what people are searching for in your practice area
  • Ask your social media followers and email subscribers what they want to know
  • Find interviews of other lawyers in your practice area; what do people routinely ask them?

A blog post can be three paragraphs. You can write this type of post in a few minutes. In fact, you could write ten or twenty this weekend and post them over the coming weeks or months.

So get crackin. Here are a few more questions to prime your pump:

  • What should someone ask a lawyer in your field before they hire them?
  • How do I go about hiring a new lawyer if I already have one?
  • What is legal malpractice?
  • What should I do if I think my lawyer has committed malpractice?
  • My lawyer wants me to settle but I don’t think I’m getting enough. What should I do?
  • How much do lawyers charge in your area?
  • What are contingency fees?
  • How much of a retainer should I expect to pay up front?
  • My lawyer won’t give me a copy of my file. What should I do?
  • My lawyer won’t call me back. What should I do?
  • How can I get a second opinion about my case?

Simple questions that people ask (and search for) every day.

For more ideas for blog posts, this is what you need

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