The single most important question in legal marketing


Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

New clients.

New clients who?

New clients aren’t going to hire you unless you give them a good answer to this question.

It’s the single most important question in legal marketing. Unfortunately, most attorneys don’t have a very good answer.

Here’s the question:

“Why should a prospective client hire you instead of any other attorney or firm?”

Inadequate (but typical) answers include:

“We’re good at what we do”

“We work hard for our clients”

“We provide excellent ‘customer service'”

“We’ve won millions of dollars for our clients”

“I’ve been endorsed by XYZ”

“I get top ratings from ABC”

These are bad answers because your competitors can (and do) say the same things.

Your answer to this question must show people how you are different, not the same. It must give people a reason or reasons to consciously choose you, because they can see how they will benefit if they do.

Let’s take the first one, “We’re good at what we do,” and see if we can improve on it. Why are you good at what you do? What do you do differently or better? In what ways do you do your work that other attorneys don’t?

Answer these questions and you might be on to something. If you do something other attorneys don’t do, this differentiates you. If you dramatize that difference with examples and details, prospective clients could well see why you are the better choice.

Yes, the gentleman in the back with the $4,000 suit. You have a question?

“People hire our firm because of me. I’m what makes us different. Why do I need anything else?”

Actually, that’s a great question. If you’ve worked hard to build a stellar reputation and strong relationships with important clients and referral sources, you may not need anything else.

For now.

One day, you may stumble. Your reputation may be sullied. Your relationships may go south. Or, someone else will come along and show your clients something better.

Have we not all seen high flying firms who have faded in popularity? Big name lawyers who have lost their big name clients and had to downsize, or fold?

You can’t rely on your good looks forever.

Yes, build your reputation and your relationships. But just to be on the safe side, think about how you might answer the question. Because some day, you may have to.

Find your uniqueness. Differentiate yourself. Get this.

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