Attorney marketing in a nutshell


Relax. Marketing really isn’t difficult.

Yes, you have to work hard the first few years in practice to establish a client base and develop some professional relationships, but once you do, you can leverage those clients and those relationships for the rest of your career.

Yesterday’s clients come back and send you referrals. Professional contacts send you business and introduce you to their counterparts. New clients and new contacts help your list grow, and the cycle continues.

That’s the way it always was. That’s the way it always will be.

The Internet lowers costs and gives you more options. But it can also become a big distraction. When you find yourself wondering what to do, go back to the fundamentals. Build a list and stay in touch with it. Contact former clients. Remind them you’re still here. Send them news and information.

What’s sad is that so many attorneys don’t get it. They don’t build a list, or stay in touch with it. They write big checks for advertising or consultants, instead of investing in their existing relationships.

The people you know, right now, are your biggest source of new business. Invest in them. Find ways to help them. Stay in touch with them.

I’ve hired attorneys before you never contacted me again. If I had a referral, I wouldn’t send it to them because I can’t remember their name.

Hello, is this thing on?

I’ll say it again. Attorney marketing is not difficult. Build a list and stay in touch with it.

You are on my list. I stay in touch with you. You buy my products and services and send me referrals and traffic. Thank you for that. I appreciate it. Of course you do this because I provide you with value. We have a mutually rewarding relationship.

What if I didn’t have a list? I wouldn’t be able to provide you with that value. I couldn’t stay in touch with you.

What if I never wrote to you? Would you remember me? Send me referrals or traffic? Not so much.

Yes, there are other things you (and I) can do to bring in new business. But nothing is more effective, less costly, or easier than building a list and staying in touch with it.

And that’s attorney marketing, in a nutshell.

Use your website to build your list. This is all you need.