Business cards and attorney websites


Awhile back I wrote a report about business cards–what should go on them, how to use them, that sort of thing. A few attorneys who read the report asked me whether they should put their photo on their business card as they had seen real estate agents and others do. They wanted people to remember their face after a networking event, for example, but thought that kind of card might be unprofessional, especially in court.

I pointed out that they could have more than one card. They could have a plain, traditional card to give to lawyers and judges, and a card with their photo, a slogan, a list of practice areas, and anything else they might want, to give to others.

They could have several cards, in fact, each one tailored for a specific target market. If they ride a motorcycle, for example, and want to target bikers for their personal injury practice, they could have a card that shows them riding.

What’s true of business cards is also true for attorney websites.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one website.

Your could have a main website (or page on your firm’s website) that is plain and professional, to show lawyers and judges, and other websites for other purposes. You can have websites with content optimized for different keywords. You can have websites for different practice areas or different niche markets. You can have a personal blog, where you write about your personal life, causes, and hobbies.

You can have more than one business card, more than one brochure, more than one youtube channel, and more than one website.

The most effective marketing is targeted marketing. The more focused and specific you are, the more your message will resonate with a specific market.

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  1. Ok, this may sound crazy, but it has never before occurred to me to have multiple business cards. So I found this post quite helpful. Multiple business cards targeted for different purposes? I think I just might do that. And several different websites? Ditto. Great post. This got me thinking . . .

  2. Spot on David. I ran across you from The Productive Life Show. My company prints primarily for legal firms in Raleigh and eastern NC. Maybe it’s a regional thing, but this concept of multiple cards and certainly, multiple websites, it totally foreign to this area. You have the traditional old school attorneys / firms that would not dream of putting a face on a card (some still don’t advertise). And others, who market themselves like a used car salesmen. I myself use different cards. I have one I use when making calls on law firms that is different than one I might use for a large manufacturing company. They have distinctly different product needs and I want to be their “expert” for each.

    Great post.