Choosing the right color for your website


As soon as I saw this infographic on The Psychology of Color in Marketing, I sent the link to the graphic artist who did the cover for the course I have coming out shortly. I told him, “I think we made the right choice”.

You can tell me if you agree when I release it in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I’m saving the infographic (into Evernote, of course), because it has some very interesting statistics and factoids about color, things I would never had known.

Yes, I knew that restaurants like to use red because it is thought to stimulate appetitive and red is also used to stimulate urgency (think “Red Tag Sale”), but I didn’t know much else.

If you’re planning to update your website or other graphic, consider the psychological effect of different colors before you make your final decision. Of course you could go a neutral palate like I have on my site, shades of gray and white, but I don’t know what it means psychologically. Maybe I’ll drop a line to Apple and see what they can tell me.

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