Marketing is easy. Here, let me prove it


Marketing: “Everything we do to get and keep good clients.”

In keeping with that definition, and the premise that marketing is easy, here are three things you can do right now to help you get (or keep) good clients:


Write down the names of three “good clients” you have or had in the past. Send them an email that says, “Happy New Year–Just checking in. Hope things are going well. Talk soon. DW [your initials].


Write down three ideas for a blog post or article. Here, I’ll get you started:

  • “The strangest case [client] I ever had”
  • “3 things my clients always want to know”
  • “How to help your lawyer save you money”


Describe a category of professionals who might be a good source of referrals for you. Go to google or your favorite social media channel and do a search. Find three names of professionals with web sites within a few miles from your office. Find something you like about their web site or practice. Maybe it’s their header or logo, an article, or the way they describe what they do. Or, find something you have in common. Maybe you went to the same law school or undergrad. If nothing else, you’re offices are “right around the corner” from each other.

Send them an email and tell them what you like and/or what you have in common. Ask a question or ask for a recommendation. “Where did you get that great header?” “Can you recommend a networking group nearby?” “Would you be interested in doing a guest post on my blog?”

You have now “met” one or more local professionals with whom you can begin the process of networking. Go buy them some coffee.

There, I told you marketing was easy.

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