If my cat managed your law firm


They say that dogs think of you as a member of their family and cats think of you as their employee. Our Tuxedo cat, Seamus, agrees. (He told me to keep this post short and get my ass back to work.)

Anyway, if Seamus was managing your law firm, I imagine he would tell you not to sweat the details. “Take care of the basics,” he would say, “and everything will be fine.”

For Seamus, the basics (that we are required to supply) are food and water, a clean litter box, and some play time. He takes care of grooming, sleeping, and staring out the window. If the basics are taken care of, Seamus is happy, although he has put in a request for more of that laser light thingie.

What are the basics in managing a law firm? Well, you need clients so marketing would have to be at the top of the list. You need some staff to help you because doing everything yourself is not a smart use of your time. And you need some tools: a computer, phone, and access to a library. Of course I am assuming you have the knowledge and skills to take these resources and put them to work for you.

Seamus says humans spend too much time fussing with little things. You don’t have to read everything, know everything, or do everything. Just cover the basics. Time management? That’s for sissies, he says. There’s plenty of time for the important things, as long as you cover the basics.

You can run a multi-million dollar practice with only the basics. And still have time to play with your cat.

Seamus says you need clients and recommends The Attorney Marketing Formula.