Poll: How has the economy affected your law practice?


How has the economy affected your law practiceHow has the economy affected your law practice?

If you practice real estate law, the last couple of years have probably been rough. On the other hand, some real estate lawyers are reinventing their practices and appear to be thriving. The economy has been good to them.

I believe that while some lawyers are doing better in this economy, most lawyers are not. Most are treading water and more than a few are going under.

To me, this is obvious. There are fewer (paying) clients and fewer jobs for lawyers. This morning I read an article about a law student who looked at the job market and asked the dean of his law school for a refund. I previously noted a law school graduate who sued his law school for misrepresenting his prospects for a job.

So, are things better or worse for you? Are you hanging in there or hanging by a thread? Please answer by responding to this (anonymous) poll:



  1. My legal business has greatly expanded to the point I am having to increase my fees to slow down the inflow. I have added Veterans Benefits and Medicaid planning to my estate planning practice.

    • @Guy Garner: Raising fees in a down economy? That can’t be smart, can it? Actually, it’s very smart!

      Glad to hear things are going well for you, Guy. Give me a call one of these days.


  2. Paul Watson says

    Real estate has dried up and am now considering launching off into the field of elder law; however, I am finding it has a very steep learning curve initially.

  3. I am a Philadelphia-based attorney who’s done discovery work in major class actions and complex litigation by contracting directly with plaintiff’s firms for over ten years.

    Despite my skills and passion for the facts, law firms that are having trouble keeping their associates busy have been reluctant to hire outside people on a contract basis — even though flexible staffing would help their bottom line. Recently I’ve been consulting pro bono with nonprofit organizations that have class action cases.

    I’ve also started a public adjusting business where my passion for the facts and desire to help people get treated fairly by insurance companies continues to serve the public.


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