Marketing is easy when you love what you do


I know a lot of people who love sports. They can talk all day long about stats and trades and classic games. Ask them about their favorite team and they light up and will tell you all about them.

By the way, have you ever noticed that when you ask someone about the game they just attended or watched, if their team won they say, “We won!” but if the team lost they say, “They lost”?


Anyway, if you love sports, you probably know what I mean. You love talking about the game. You don’t have to work at it. It’s easy to do. Natural. Fun.

And when you meet a fellow sports lover, hey, the two of you can go at it for hours. Telling stories. Recalling great plays. Sharing gossip.

Wouldn’t it be great if marketing your legal services was that easy? Just as effortless and satisfying?

It should be. It can be.

I read a great definition of marketing the other day that prompted me to write this post. The author said,

“Marketing is sharing what you love with people who will appreciate hearing about it.”

Isn’t that a great way to think about it?

If you love what you do in your work, it should be easy to talk about. If you’re talking to someone who needs your help, they want to hear it.

Your conversations, presentations, and marketing documents, are an expression of what you love about your work. What gets you excited? What makes you tear up? What makes you want to lace up the boxing gloves?

You don’t have to love everything about what you do. That’s probably asking too much. But you can always find some aspect of what you do that gets you fired up.

Write a letter to your clients and tell them about it. Do it now while it’s on your mind. Type it or record it on your smart phone. Tell them why you love what you do. They want to hear all about it.

Marketing is easy when love what you do.

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