Lion or cow?


I saw a post that said, “Creative people shouldn’t work Monday through Friday, 9 to 5, moving slowly, like a cow who grazes throughout the day. 

Instead, they should work like a lion: 

  • Sit
  • Wait for prey
  • Sprint
  • Eat
  • Rest 
  • Repeat

So, naturally, I thought about attorneys and marketing. 

Here’s how I see things: 

Unless we’re new, we should focus primarily on our warm market, e.g., our existing clients and contacts, and rely mostly on repeat business and referrals. When you’ve been around long enough and built a sizeable client base, you might never have to do anything else. 

But when we’re new, or hungry, or want to be the King of the Jungle, we go into the cold market and bring in some fresh meat. 

There’s a time to run and catch new clients and a time to do our work and let the clients catch us. 

How to get more referrals