3 steps to your next client


Any time you engage with a prospective new client, or an existing or former client about a new matter, there are 3 steps to follow.

First, you need to find out the PROBLEM—what happened and what they need or want. They tell you their situation and you ask questions to find out the details and the solution(s) they’re after.

Second, you explain the solutions you offer—your services, how they work, and how the client will be better off by hiring you (BENEFITS). At some point, you talk about fees, costs, the timetable, and other details they need to know. You also tell them (or remind them) about their risks if they delay or do nothing.  

Third, you tell them what to do to get the solutions and benefits you provide (the “call to ACTION”), e.g., fill out a form, make an appointment, talk to someone, or sign the agreement and pay you, and you ask them to do that (or what they want to do).

All 3 steps can occur during your first meeting or conversation or over a period of time. 

You may also need to provide additional information, answer more questions, respond to objections, talk to another stakeholder, do some research, and follow up multiple times, but ultimately, the path from prospect to client always includes these 3 steps. 

Some steps will be easy, almost effortless. Some will take lots of work and time. But you can’t skip any step, so make yourself a checklist and use it. You’ll be glad you did.