Why didn’t they hire me?


When a client doesn’t sign up, you need to find out why. Because it might not be too late to get them to change their mind, and because you need to know if there’s something you need to fix for the next client. 

Was it something you said or did? Something you didn’t say or do? Did a competitor offer something better? 

Clients say “no” for a variety of reasons: 

  • They didn’t believe or trust you
  • Your presentation or initial meeting was lacking or a competitor’s was better
  • They think you charge too much (and didn’t think it was worth it)
  • They think you charge too little (and it made them question your experience or ability)
  • You don’t have (enough) good testimonials or reviews to suit them
  • The competition has a bigger staff or a better website; the client thought they were more successful or experienced and a safer choice 
  • It might be the services you offer (or don’t) and how they you describe them.

And while it might be something external, e.g., they hired a lawyer they already knew or were referred to, you should assume there’s something you can improve.  

How do you know? 

  1. Ask them. They may not be able to (or want to) tell you precisely why they didn’t sign up with you, but they might give you some clues.
  2. Ask someone who knows them what they want or need and what might turn them off.
  3. Ask someone who knows you for feedback about you and your practice.
  4. Ask someone to sit in on your next client meeting and tell you what they see that could be improved.

 There are always things you can improve: 

  • Your presentation or “pitch”. Is it persuasive? Believable? Does it touch on the right points and make the client feel like they are in good hands? Could you improve the opening or closing? Is it too short or too long, too much about you and not enough about the client?
  • Your website and marketing documents. Are they consistent with the image and professionalism the client wants and expects? Are they thorough? Persuasive? Do they inspire confidence?
  • How are clients greeted by you and your staff? How long are they are kept waiting? Are you and your staff friendly and genuine? Do you smile, make eye contact, shake hands, offer them a beverage? 
  • How do you describe your services? Do you explain the benefits or just the features? Do you explain enough or assume they already know? 
  • Do you have enough testimonials? Positive reviews? Bona Fides?
  • What do you send to prospective clients before the first meeting? How is your follow-up after the appointment? 
  • And much more

    Anything, large or small, could be the reason a client doesn’t hire you. Keep your eyes and ears open. And when you find something that could be improved, improve it.   

    You might be just one or two adjustments away from a significant increase in sign ups. 

    Because clients are people and people are weird.