Can you rely solely on repeat business and referrals?


Yes, you can; many lawyers do. 

They have a client base that trusts them and have enough legal work to keep them busy, and they have friends and business contacts they can and do refer. 

Nice, isn’t it? 

They don’t advertise, network, blog, do presentations, or do any other marketing. They can if they want to, and sometimes they do, but the growth of their practice doesn’t depend on anything other than doing good work for their clients and serving them well.

It takes awhile to get to that point, so if you’re a new lawyer or don’t yet have a big enough practice to generate a steady stream of business, you’ll need to do other things until you get there. I did that when I started practicing. It was hard and took a good five years, but it was worth it. 

Hold on. It’s easy to screw up. 

Clients and their businesses die, you mess up and they leave, the economy throws you under the bus, laws change, competition steals the show, overhead can eat you alive, and other factors can change everything. 

So, never take anything or anyone for granted. Assume the best, but be prepared for the worst:

  • Continually strengthen your relationships with clients, prospects, and business contacts. 
  • Ask for testimonials, reviews, introductions, and referrals, because they may not think to provide them if you don’t.
  • Create a website that tells people what you do and how you can help them and let it do most of the selling for you.
  • Build a list and stay in touch with everyone.

Finally, continually look for new ways to bring in business and increase your profits, because you never know what the future has in store.

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