How do you know what prospective clients really want? 


Sure, you can ask them. During a meeting or consultation or over coffee. You can also look at their website or blog, read their book, listen to their presentation or interviews, or send them a survey or questionnaire. 

The problem is, people often don’t tell us what they really think or want. 

  • Some don’t know what’s possible or have trouble articulating what they need
  • Some tell you what they think makes them look intelligent, more successful, or a better person
  • Some tell you what they think you want to hear 
  • And some play everything close to the vest and don’t tell you much of anything 

If you really want to know what people want, we’re told to watch what they do. What do they purchase, who do they hire, what do they invest in? But even this can be misleading or give you an incomplete picture. 

One of the best places to find out what prospective clients really want is to watch what they do on social media.

See what they talk about, comment about, or ask. See what they’re excited about or complain about. Yes, there is a lot of pretending on social, but people often get emotional about things they want or don’t want, let down their guard and reveal what’s really on their mind.

But perhaps the best way to find out what prospective clients really want, and one of the simplest, is to talk to the person who referred them to you. There’s a good chance they know.

Which is yet another reason why you should prioritize referrals as a source of new business. 

How to get more referrals from your clients