Okay, maybe you’re not the best lawyer in town. Other lawyers have better skills, more experience, a better track record, deeper pockets, more charisma, and better connections. They look better, smell better, and have a boatload of energy. 

How can you possibly beat them?

By working harder than they do? Maybe. But that gets old. 

You beat them not by outworking them, but by out-marketing them. 

That doesn’t mean your marketing has to be amazing. Just better. You do a few things well and do them more consistently and enthusiastically.

It means knowing your market—what they want and need—and committing to helping them get it. 

It means providing great “customer” service to all of your clients, and building strong relationships with your key clients and referral sources. 

It means making marketing your top priority. Something most attorneys are unwilling to do. 

They go through the motions. Or believe they only have to do good legal work and the growth of their practice will take care of itself. 

You know, the ones who say, “I didn’t go to law school to become a salesperson…”. Who don’t understand that the legal work is only one part of building a successful practice. Or think marketing of any kind is unprofessional and beneath them.

You can beat them. 

Because you understand that a law practice is a business, first, and job one is bringing in a steady stream of clients and keeping them happy. 

When you do that, you might not be the best lawyer in town, but you might be the wealthiest.