Your practice grows faster when you do THIS…


For years, I’ve been saying that it only takes 15 minutes a day to market a law practice successfully. I’ve said that because if I said “one hour” you probably wouldn’t do it, and also, because it’s true. 

15 minutes is all you need. 

But do it “every day,” not just when you have some free time. 

Make it a habit, a commitment. Put the time on your calendar as an appointment with yourself and don’t miss that appointment. 

If you don’t schedule this time, you won’t do the work. Life will get in the way. Especially if you don’t like marketing and have to force yourself to do it. 

But if you keep that 15-minute daily appointment, your practice will grow faster than you ever thought possible. 

Why? Because of the compound effect of doing it every day. 

Things get easier. You get better. Momentum occurs and accelerates. 

Not just because you’re doing the activities themself but by doing something every day, you condition your mind that marketing is important to you. Your mind accepts this and goes to work for you, finding new ideas and better ways to do them, making connections, seeing things you would otherwise miss, and it does this all day (and night), not just when you’re doing the activities. 

And here’s the thing. The actual activities aren’t that important. What’s important is that you do something—anything—related to bringing in new business and increasing your income. 


You could read a few pages of a book (or my blog), brainstorm ideas for your next article, do some research for your current project, edit something already written, hang out on social and see what others are doing that you could comment on (or do yourself), or make a phone call and say hello to someone you haven’t spoken to in a minute. 

Anything related to marketing and building your practice. Including sitting quietly and thinking about what you want and how you can get it.

By the way, if 15 minutes is too much, do 5. Or two. Because it’s about the commitment and consistency, not how much you do.

Do anything. But something. Every day. 

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