Why social media marketing doesn’t work


Many attorneys do extremely well with social media marketing. It doesn’t work for me, however, because I don’t like and don’t do it. 

I could learn. Force myself. But life is too short to do things we don’t enjoy, and if you don’t enjoy something, you won’t get good results. 

Couldn’t you hire people to help you or do it for you? Sure, that’s an option. But since there are other things you can do, why not do something you like? 

For me, that’s email. My newsletter has an insanely good ROI. It’s low overhead, doesn’t take a lot of time, and I enjoy writing it. 

It works for me, but if you don’t want to write a newsletter, it might not work for you. If you want the benefits it offers, however, before you write it off, make sure you’re doing it correctly. 

  • Make sure you’re sending it to the right people. People who need or want what you offer, and who have told you to send it to them (opted-in). 
  • Make sure you use a subject line that promises a benefit or makes subscribers curious, so they open and read your email.  
  • Make sure your email is interesting, well-written, and easy to read. 
  • Make sure you tell your readers to call or write, to make an appointment or ask questions, and tell them why. Tell them the benefits of hiring you or taking the next step. 
  • And make sure you email often. Once a month is probably not often enough. 

Some lawyers say “email doesn’t work”. They really mean it doesn’t work for them. But it can, if they use it currently.

Email Marketing for Attorneys