Scaling up


You’re doing okay. Making six-figures or multiple six-figures, but you want to hit seven- or eight-figures (or more). 

You can. And you can get there in less time and with less effort than it took to get where you are now. 

The hard work is at the beginning. 

In the beginning, you had to learn the law and the law biz. You learned how to bring in clients and keep them happy. You learned how to build a network, become a better speaker or writer, manage cash flow, find your niche, and find your stride.

You made mistakes and learned from them. You had successes and know what you like and are good at and what isn’t your cup of tea.

You went from raw and inexperienced to making a living as a professional. 

It was hard. You had no momentum. Now, you do. You have a base to build on and getting to the next level will be easier. 

But you’ll also have bigger challenges. More expenses, tougher competition, additional responsibilities. You have people to manage, offices to upgrade, and a lot more at stake. You have to let go of some people, jettison old habits. You have to become the kind of person who earns what you want to earn. 

And it will be hard. But it will also be easier.

It’s easier to go from six-figures to seven, seven to eight. Because you know more and can do more things, and do them better. And you have momentum and momentum compounds. 

You will continue to grow and reach new levels.

As long as you don’t mess up.