A simple way to get more reviews


Good reviews (and testimonials) from happy clients are one of the most valuable tools you could have in your marketing toolkit. But don’t expect clients to supply them on their own—you have to prompt them. 

The easiest way to do that is with surveys.

Give every client a survey or link to one online and ask them to fill this out at the end of the case. “How did we do?” is a simple way to get more clients telling you how you did, which can then be converted to a review or testimonial. 

Ask what they liked, and what they thought you could improve. 

If you get a negative comment, talk to the client, fix whatever needs fixing, and improve your systems for the future. 

If you get a positive comment, ask the client if you can use their comment in your marketing or ask them to post it as a review (and give them the link to a review site). 

Surveys should provide multiple choice responses, to get the client thinking about how you did and begin filling it out, and open-end questions with blank spaces, to prompt them to say what’s on their mind. 

The survey should ask about the results you delivered, how they were treated, if they were kept informed, were they seen on time at appointments—all the usual areas clients typically appreciate and/or complain about. 

Send surveys after the case or matter is done and also perhaps once or twice a year. Some attorneys include a blank survey form with each billing statement. Get clients in the habit of seeing blank survey forms and they’ll be more likely to fill them out (eventually). 

You can even send a survey after their first appointment, before you’ve done any work. Ask what they heard about you, why they chose you, and how they’ve been treated so far.

But wait. There’s more. 

Keep your eyes (email) and ears (conversations) open. Whenever a client compliments you or thanks you for (anything), thank them (or tell them they’re welcome) and ask if you could use their comment in your marketing (or ask them to post a review). 

Send the client a note quoting what you heard them say, so that when they agree that you can use that, they know what they’re agreeing to. Before you do this, “edit” their words (if you need to) for clarity and effect, to make a great testimonial or review even greater. 

Finally, if you want clients to write better reviews or testimonials, show them copies of great reviews or testimonials from other clients so they know what a good review looks like, and because when they see what other clients have said about you, it makes it more likely that they will also leave a good review.