Stop making it harder to hire you


More than a few lawyers talk themself out of the sale by simply talking too much. 

Not all prospective clients want all the details. Which is why you should give prospective clients the opportunity to sign up immediately, without seeing your entire stable of dogs and ponies. 

You need to give them enough information so they can make an informed decision (and you can CYA), but if you insist on telling everyone everything they “might” want to know, you’ll scare off a lot of clients. 

You know, the ones who tell you they have to think about it. They really don’t want to think about it. They’re just scared.

Which is why you should give everyone the option to get started without hearing all the details. 

Tell them what you can do to help them, assume the sale, and hand them the paperwork. If they have (more) questions or want to see more information, they’ll tell you. 

If you’re not sure, ask them. “Do you want me to get started?” If they hesitate, then you can offer more information. 

Yes, this is easier in person where you can read their body language. It’s easier with contingency cases that don’t require payment up front. But a surprising percentage of prospective clients will not only sign up without hearing all the details, they actually prefer it. 

They want to say yes, so they can get on with their life and let you do what you do. They don’t want to think about their problem any more than they have to, they don’t want to wait for a solution, and they don’t want to talk to more lawyers. 

They want you. Now.

At least that’s what you should assume.