Shark Tank


I confess, I’ve never seen an episode but just read an article recommending it, not just for entertainment but to observe the dynamics of the pitches made by guests seeking investors. In particular, the author noted the brevity of the pitches (90 seconds) and how that is enough to garner investments in the millions. 

A lesson for lawyers, don’t you think? We don’t need, and should probably avoid, lengthy presentations on our clients’ behalf, or on behalf of ourself and our services. Good ideas, well presented, are enough to win hearts and minds and millions. Get attention, highlight the benefits of our offer or position, and ask for the sale (or verdict). 

A good lesson for blog posts and articles as well. 

The author also pointed out how the best pitches tell a story, to emphasize the need for the product or service, show how they work, and dramatize how the benefits thereof can change lives. 

Also good advice for legal beagles. 

Many lawyers bristle at the idea, but it is incontrovertible: lawyers sell. And the better we do that, the better are the lives of our clients, and our own.