I don’t have time for marketing


A lot of lawyers say that. How about you? 

If you do, does this mean you have more work than you can handle and don’t want any more? You’re good.

Great. Live long and prosper. 

But before you declare yourself “done” with marketing, I want to point out a few ways you can “do” marketing without spending any more time. 

It comes down to things like

  • The words you use to describe your services 
  • How you answer questions asked by clients and prospects
  • The way you dress and the car you drive
  • What you say to a client at his or her first appointment 
  • Your fees and billing practices and how you describe them
  • What you send new clients to describe what happens next and how they can help you get the best results for them 
  • What you send clients at the end of a case or engagement, to make them glad they chose you and more likely to return 
  • What you say (and don’t say) that makes it more likely you will get referrals
  • How you handle a client who is unhappy
  • How you speak to other professionals and centers of influence in your market about your practice, your services, and about yourself. And about their business or practice.
  • What you say and do to differentiate your firm from the competition
  • How often you stay in touch with clients and what you tell them or send them when you do
  • The professionalism of your marketing copy
  • The range of services you provide, and how this compares to what your competition offers 
  • How you accommodate clients who have a special request or need
  • How you turn down a case or client
  • How you handle phone calls and interruptions when a client or prospect is in your office
  • The causes, charities and groups you support 
  • How quickly you respond to inquires and the tone of your response
  • What you do and don’t do on social media
  • Your advertising messages—content, tone, frequency, and offers
  • The energy and enthusiasm you show in person, on stage, and in interviews
  • The quality and content of photos and graphics used in your website and marketing documents
  • The stories you share about your cases and clients
  • How you treat your staff

It’s all marketing. Everything you do is marketing. 

It’s all part of how you inspire confidence in you and your ability to get excellent results for your clients, and it doesn’t take any more time to get it right. 

You may not have time for other kinds of marketing, but surely you have time for these.