Does your newsletter have to contain news? 


Mine doesn’t. Because there isn’t a lot of news related to marketing legal services, at least anything I want to talk about, and when there is, readers can find it from a lot of sources. 

You don’t have to write about the news, either. But as a practicing lawyer, it’s probably a good idea. 

Whether it’s a major court decision, new legislation, or new rules that affect your practice area and the markets you serve, write about it. It’s a great way to keep your market informed and buttress your position as an authority. 

Mention the news, explain what it means, offer your opinion, offer related ideas, and tell your readers what they need to know and do. 

It’s all good. 

Depending on your readers and market, however, you might not want to do a deep dive on the subject. That might be too much. (The technical term is “Boring A. F.”)

Provide appropriate news in appropriate quantities and make it interesting. Because if it isn’t interesting, they won’t stick around to read it. 

Spend most of your words writing “around” the news. Write about the people and situations it affects, not (just) the facts. 

Most of all, tell them what to do about the news.

You know, your opinion and advice. 

Your readers can get the news from a lot of sources. But they can only get your opinion and advice from you.