A powerful tool for your marketing toolkit


Have you ever been interviewed by a writer or blogger or podcaster? If so, are you using that interview as a marketing tool? 

You can post it on your website, use it as a handout or lead magnet, or turn it into a paid eBook that sends you leads. Interviews allow you to describe what you do and answer the types of questions people who are looking for a lawyer usually ask. 

And, in the minds of the people who read the interview, just the fact that you were interviewed says a lot about you. 

Interviews position you as successful and important—an expert in your field. And people want to read these, especially prospective clients. 

Interviews are a great sales tool, and you should use them in your marketing. 

If you don’t have an interview you can use, you can create one in an hour by asking another lawyer to interview you (and offering to interview them in exchange). 

You write the questions you want them to ask and an introduction. Get on the phone or chat, record everything, transcribe the recording, edit, and you’re done. 

I did this with a successful appellate lawyer and turned it into an eBook which is sold online.

Another way to use an interview is when you meet a new business contact or prospective client who asks what you do. Instead of flapping your gums, ask for their email and send them a copy.

You can also send copies to podcasters, bloggers, and meeting planners, to show them why they should book you on their program. 

So yeah, a simple and powerful tool that every lawyer should have in their marketing toolkit.