Mo (value)


Clients hire you because they want value from you. They want the results you deliver via your legal services, but there are other ways you can give them value. 

Give them more value than they expect, more value than other lawyers deliver.

This doesn’t mean giving away your core services or discounting your fees. (Don’t do that). 

You can deliver more value with

  • Bonus services. Include add-ons or small additional services they need or might need soon. 
  • Better terms. Payment plans, guarantees, more manageable retainers, hybrid fees.
  • Information. Forms, guides, reports, templates, checklists, seminars, and other things they can use in their business or personal life.
  • Speed. If possible, give them the results they seek in less time than they think it will take. Return calls and emails quicker. Show them into your waiting room a few minutes after they arrive.
  • Support. Proactively refer them to other professionals or businesses who can help them with business or personal matters. Promote their business, their charity or cause. Give them advice, feedback, or a shoulder to cry on. 

Ultimately, clients want to feel good about their decision to hire you. They took a chance on you and may be nervous about that. Show them you will protect them, work hard for them, and treat them exceptionally well. 

The more value you deliver, the more value they will deliver to you. They’ll be easier to work with, give you more work, recommend you, promote your events, and otherwise help your practice grow. 

The Attorney Marketing Formula