You stink (but you can still be successful)


At one of the first network marketing trainings I attended, we were told that the business is a “level playing field,” meaning that anyone can build a big business and be a top earner.

“You can make up in numbers what you lack in skill.”

You might not be the best presenter or have the biggest list, but if you work harder than most, you can accomplish more than most. 

And this is true. In any business or professional practice. 

Someone else might talk to ten prospects and sign up 2. You might not be as good, but you can talk to 50 and sign up 5. 

You might not have their talent or charm, but you can outwork them. 

Is it really as simple as that? Well, look around you at the lawyers who aren’t as good as you, but have bigger offices and bank accounts. 

Wait a minute, maybe they had more money or better connections. They had an advantage you don’t have. 

Also true. Money and connections often do make a big difference. But so does a burning desire and the willingness to work. 

Which is what you bring to the table. 

And why the law business is a level playing field.