Quality doesn’t come cheap


At least that’s what most people believe. They’ve learned that when something looks too good to be true, it probably is. So, even if it was otherwise a good idea (and it’s not), don’t compete on fees. You’ll scare off as many clients as you attract. At least the good ones. 

For professional services, high fees is the better way to go. That’s what “good” attorneys charge.

But right now, the economy is in the tank, competition abounds, and even if your clients and prospects love you to pieces, getting paid more than most is a tough sell. In this environment, how can you keep your existing clients happy and attract new ones? 

By offering more value than most attorneys offer.

That can come as additional services or benefits included in your fees. You’re expensive, but worth it, right?

But value can come in different flavors. 

One way to offer more value is to be the attorney who provides more information. More (helpful) articles, more forms or checklists people can use to improve their business or personal life, more onboarding guidance, more of everything a client might want to know.

Most attorneys don’t.

You can also deliver more value with a cleaner and leaner and more modern website. Think “Apple”. Easy to navigate, professional graphics, and devoid of anything extraneous or old and crusty. 

But not just a pretty face.  

Your website should have a compelling About page, forms that work, pages that are easy to find (and read), good answers to FAQs—things that make a visitor conclude you know what you’re doing and can be trusted to do it well. 

Clients want an attorney who is vouched for not only by their other clients but also by their success.