Remember me?


Think about all the clients you’ve had over the years. Do you think some of them might have a legal issue or question but haven’t contacted you? Or know someone who has a legal issue or question but haven’t told them about you?

Your old clients might know where to find you when they need you, but many don’t. If they haven’t talked to you or heard from you in a while, some won’t even remember your name. If you stay in touch with them, even just sending an email from time to time, they’ll not only remember who you are, they will think of you first when they need some help.

But there’s another reason to stay in touch with them. Your mere presence in their mailbox makes it more likely that they will recognize that they might have a legal problem or question and be more likely to contact you to find out.

And unlike the multitude of strangers and cold leads in the world, you don’t have spend a dime to find these people, or have to convince them of your capabilities.

Just contact them and say hello. 

Yes, you can also offer them something, send them your new article, or ask them about their family or business. But saying hello is often enough. 

If they don’t have a legal issue or question to talk to you about, hearing from you will make it more likely that when they do, they’ll think of you before looking for help anywhere else.

Especially when you continue to stay in touch with them.

Guess what? It works the same way with “old” business contacts and newsletter subscribers.

They “knew” you once and might be happy to “know” you again. If they do, it could be the first step towards reestablishing a relationship with you, and all the benefits that go with that. 

Email Marketing for Attorneys