The worst clients are (sometimes) the best clients 


Most lawyers are leery of clients who already have an attorney and are looking to switch. They’re often considered difficult to work with, impossible to please, micro-managers, complainers, and a one-way ticket to trouble. 

And that’s often true. But not always. 

Sometimes, their attorney is the problem. Sometimes the chemistry isn’t right. Sometimes the client had unreasonable expectations, perhaps because someone was in their ear about what to expect, and they have now come to their senses.

Yeah, it’s complicated. It could be a combination of factors. Which suggests the wisdom of spending time to find out instead of rejecting them at the first sign of (potential) trouble. 

One thing is certain, dissatisfied clients are motivated and if you talk to them while they’re looking for a new attorney, or thinking about it, they could be easy to sign up and a great client, at least for you. 

When you don’t do the same things their previous attorney did, when they are relieved that they found you and wondering “where were you when I first starting looking for an attorney,” not only could they be easy to work with, they could become a great source of referrals. 

I know, you might think that’s crazy talk, especially if you’ve been burned by “problem clients” in the past. And, if your gut tells you “no,” you probably should go with that. 

But sometimes, your gut is trigger-happy and you should sleep on it before you decide. 

In fact, instead of avoiding prospective clients who are unhappy about their case or their attorney, you might consider “specializing” in them. Focus on people who are dissatisfied with their current provider. Marketing is easier when you target this type of client, especially when most attorney are so quick to avoid them. 

Yes, they might be trouble. You have to get good at sizing them up and lay out ground rules for working with you if you agree to represent them. If you do, and you hit the right notes with these clients, you might find this to be a very lucrative niche for you.