How to use your content to get more referrals


Broadly speaking, there are two types of referrals. Direct referrals occur when a client or business contact gives your name and contact information to one of their clients or contacts, and tells them to contact you about their problem or desire. 

It’s all good. And it can lead to a lot of business for you. 

But you might get even more new clients via indirect referrals: 

  • Your clients agree to pass out your “special report,” checklist, tip sheet, or form to their friends, neighbors, co-workers, or clients
  • A referral source mentions your blog post in his newsletter or on social media 
  • A business client puts a supply of your reports or brochures in their waiting room
  • An accountant sends a copy of your latest article to all of his clients or other accountants
  • A business expert co-authors an article, blog post, or book with you
  • A blogger or lawyer in your target market interviews you for their blog, podcast, or channel
  • Your clients and/or referral sources agree to tell their list about your upcoming seminar
  • A lawyer or other professional you know puts copies of your article in his “new client” kit

Many of your clients will distribute your content because they want to help their friends, and/or because you asked. Many of your professional contacts will do it for the same reasons. 

But with professionals, you have another option. You can ask them to distribute your content in exchange for you agreeing to distribute theirs.

In either case, your job is simple: create (more) content. Make it good enough that people will want to (or agree to) share it.

But don’t forget to ask.