Why you need to offer a “deluxe” package of services


I used to sell a course in two versions: “Basic” and “Deluxe”. The Deluxe version had more value at a higher price. Customers got more services and “stuff” and I earned more revenue. 

You should do something similar in your practice. 

Bundle or package your services in ways that are attractive to clients because they get more value and/or the convenience of getting everything they will need from you sooner rather than later, all at an attractive “price”. 

For example, if you have a typical fee package that goes for $5000, consider putting together a higher-priced package that sells for $6500. 

If you don’t offer flat fee billing, consider it, at least for some of your services. Clients like the certainty of paying a flat fee rather than paying by the hour, and you may find more clients signing up (at a higher flat fee) for that reason alone. 

There’s another reason for offering higher-priced packages, however. It often generates more sales of your lower-priced or “regular” package because of a phenomenon known as “price anchoring”. 

It’s about perceived value. 

Your $5000 package appears more “affordable” because the client compares it to the $6500 alternative. If you only offer the $5000 bundle, however, the client has the choice of paying that or paying nothing, e.g., telling you they’ll think about it. 

Even if nobody signs up for your “Deluxe” package, you will often earn more due to the increased sales of your lower-priced package. 

Reason enough to get to work on your Deluxe package.