Get more referrals by making it easier to get more referrals   


All things being equal, the easier it is for your clients and contacts to refer clients to you, the more referrals you’re likely to get. 

You have to be “referable” of course—get good results for your clients and provide good “customer service”–but even when you do, if the mechanics of making a referral are unclear or difficult, you simply won’t get as many referrals as you could. 

How can you make this easier?  

First, teach your clients and contacts how to recognize someone who might be a good fit for you. 

Give them a profile of your ideal client—their legal situation, their background, and what they typically say or do before looking for an attorney. 

Second, equip them with tools and resources they can use to show people what you do and how you can help them. Give them handouts they can hand out, links they can forward, and articles and videos they can share. If you do presentations, make sure they know when and where they are available, and how to sign up. 

Third, because you also want your clients to tell people about you or answer questions about you, give them the language they can use to do that. 

Teach them what to say to describe you, your practice areas, your services and offers, how you helped them, and why they recommend you. 

Most of your clients and professional contacts know people who need your help. They want to tell them about you. Make this process as easy as possible and you will get more referrals. 

Here’s how to do it