Want vs. Need


You want that cool task management app that does “everything”. But you don’t need it. You need a piece of paper and a pen. Or the free app that comes on your device. 

You may want a lot of things you don’t need. If you can afford them and they give you a benefit, why not? 

But ask yourself why you want it. 

Will it make you more productive? Help you earn more? Save time? Give you a harmless way to distract yourself from long hours of work? 

Is it fun? You’re entitled to have fun, you know. 

It’s okay to buy things or do things you want but don’t need. You don’t need a reason. 

And neither do your clients. 

A client may need your basic service but want your deluxe package. Give it to them.

People want things they don’t need and their reasons are their reasons. They might want convenience, to feel safer, or feel more important. 

If they want to give you more money, let them. 

On the other hand, be prepared to give them what they need when they can’t afford what they want. 

Make sure they get what they need, but if you really want to make them happy, give them what they want. 

That goes for you, too.