Successful bastards


Some lawyers are good at their work but severally lacking in people skills. They may be self-centered, short-tempered, or rude. They yell a lot. And always seem to focus on the negative. 


Or maybe they just don’t have much of a personality. They’re all business. They rarely smile or say anything lighthearted or uplifting. Maybe there’s a good person inside their rough exterior but most people don’t get to see it. 

And yet they are successful lawyers. What’s their secret?


They surround themselves with employees and partners and business contacts who have the people skills they lack. An assistant who is nice to the clients and makes them feel good about their case. A partner who is good in front of a crowd or a camera or a jury. 

They’re charming. And good with people. 

In an ad agency, they’d be account executives. Wooing prospects and taking the clients to lunch. In a law firm, they are the rainmakers and trial lawyers. 

And there’s a place for both. 

The point? Don’t try to be something you’re not. 

If you’re better with the books than the folks, if you’re as exciting as drapery or as bad as Leroy Brown, let someone else on the team be the face and personality of the firm and keep the clients happy. 

Even if you’re good with people, if someone else on the team is better, let them do the job. Or at least be around when there are clients in the house.

On the other hand, if you’re all warm and fuzzy and clients don’t always take you seriously, make sure to introduce them to your partner who channels Perry Mason. 

Know thyself. And get ye some buffers.