How clients happen


When a new clients signs up, a sale has taken place. There’s no other word for it. Information was delivered, questions were answered, and a decision was made. 

But while a sale occurred, it doesn’t mean the attorney “sold” them. 

In fact, it was the client who sold themselves. And that began before they ever spoke to the attorney.

Your website and marketing materials do most of your selling for you. They show prospective clients why they need legal help and why they should choose you. When you speak with them, you guide them from the general to the specifics of their case or situation, and the client then sells themself on getting started (or not).  

Sometimes, the client needs a little nudge. There are simple techniques to help you do that and they are worth learning. One example is the “alternative close,” where you ask the client if they’re considering one of your services or the other, or to get started this week or next. 

Two choices, either of which are good for them and good for you. 

Think of this as a focusing technique because it gets the prospect to focus on what they want to do.

But it is their decision. You’re just there to help them make it.