Some can, some can’t; some will, some won’t


No doubt you’ve figured it out: not everyone can and will send you referrals.

Some clients love you and are willing to help, but don’t know anyone with a legal issue requiring your services. Or they know people, but those people can’t afford your fees. Or they can, but your would-be referrer doesn’t have the skills or influence to make referrals happen. 

Put this on your list: 

“Teach my clients and contacts how to recognize my ideal client and how to refer them.” 

And then there are clients and contacts who know people who clearly need your legal services, and can afford you, and those contacts have the skills and influence to make those referrals happen. 

But they don’t want to. 

Maybe they have another lawyer they work with, or maybe they don’t know you well enough yet to trust you to do a good job for their contacts. 

Put this on your list: 

“Build more trust with my clients and contacts so that they are willing to send me referrals and introduce me to their contacts.”

Something else. 

Some people know people who need your help, have the ability to refer them to you, and they are willing to do so.

But they don’t. Why?  

Usually, it’s because they’re busy and it simply doesn’t occur to them. Or they don’t think you have enough work and don’t need or want more.   

Put this on your list:

“Make sure my clients and contacts know I appreciate referrals and want more of them.” 

Note that these people already know you and will read something you send them, and you can do that through the mail or email or in a newsletter.

You don’t have to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.

While you’re pondering this, imagine how much new business this can create for you and how much easier and less expensive your marketing will be when you get (a lot) more referrals. 

If that sounds good, start with this