New blog, newsletter, or podcast? This will help.


When I started writing a blog, one of the first things I did was to find other blogs in my niche, to see what they were doing. I learned a lot and was convinced I could do what they did. If you’re thinking about starting a blog or newsletter, or want to re-start or re-invigorate yours, I suggest you find blogs and newsletter published by other lawyers and use them as a model for your own.

It doesn’t matter where they are located, or even their practice area. You can learn something from each blog you follow or subscribe to. 

Study them and take notes:

  • How often do they publish? 
  • How long are their posts, articles, episodes, etc?
  • What is their writing style? Formal? Informal? Somewhere in between?
  • Do they write about news or evergreen topics? 
  • Do they advocate or educate?
  • Do they write detailed posts, with citations, or something more beginner-friendly?
  • How are their posts structured? What formatting choices have they made?
  • Do they do interviews? Guest posts?
  • What do they offer as an incentive to sign up?
  • What calls-to-action do they use? 
  • Do their blog posts get comments? Shares? Or is that function turned off? 
  • Do they use images or mostly text? 
  • Do they promote their services directly or just a provide a link to their website? If they promote their services, do they “pitch” hard or less so? 

What do they do that’s working? What do you like? What would you change?

Also note ideas for topics you could write about. 

You’re not looking for the perfect newsletter or blog to emulate, you’re looking for ideas and inspiration. You might like how one blog structures its content but prefer another’s writing style. You might like how one blog is consistent or how another uses a variety of detailed and lengthy posts mixed with brief and lighter fare. 

Guess what? You get to choose.

This exercise might get you excited and ready to start or re-start your blog or newsletter. On the other hand, it might convince you that you don’t want to do this, at least not right now, and turn your attention to something else. 

Before you decide, try something. Put some content out there and see what happens. Content marketing might not be your favorite marketing method (now), but if it makes your phone ring the way I know it can, you might just change your opinion.

How to start a blog that makes your phone ring