If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium


If you write a blog or a newsletter, have a podcast or channel, write articles or post content on social media, I bet there are times when you don’t know what to write. So you skip this week or this month but, unfortunately, before you know it, you’re not producing anything. 

You know you should, and you want to, but life (and work) get in the way. 

You’ve tried setting up a schedule. You want to write a weekly blog post or newsletter, for example, and have calendared Thursdays for doing that. But Thursday rolls around and you still don’t do it.

Sure, collect ideas throughout the week, so you have more than enough for next Thursday. But there’s something else you can do. 

What’s that? 

First, choose 4 or 5 areas in your niche your subscribers and followers are interested in. One of those areas would obviously be your core practice area. 

If you handle personal injury, this would include writing about the law, procedure, insurance, negotiation, settlement, litigation, trial, appeals, and so on. If you have other practice areas, they would be one of your other subjects. You could also create content about debt, investing, credit, and other consumer-oriented matters. 

Once you have chosen your broad content areas, make a list of subjects related to each. Then, calendar one of those areas or subjects per week (for a weekly newsletter, etc.). Dedicate that week to that subject and rotate through these areas on a recurring basis. 

The first week of the month, you might write about the law in your field. The second week, you might provide consumer (or business) tips. The third week, you might share stories about interesting cases or clients you’ve had or heard about, or something law-related in the news. The fourth week, you might write about how you do what you do (interviewing clients, opening and closing files, research, investigation, etc.)

Next month, you do it again. 

This way, you keep things fresh and interesting for your readers and never run out of things to talk about. 

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