It’s all advertising and it’s never free


You may not be able to advertise your legal services, or you may not want to, but news flash—you do it every day. 

Everything you do to get and keep good clients is advertising because you’re getting your name and message out into the world with the goal of attracting new clients. 

Every blog post or article you write, every presentation you deliver, every person you meet at a networking event—it’s all advertising. Even doing a good job of client relations is advertising because your aim is to get your clients to return to you, introduce you to their friends and business contacts, and say nice things about you on social media. 

It’s advertising and you pay with your money or your time.

Yes, we typically put paid ads in a different category from the rest of our marketing, and maybe we should, but it doesn’t change the fact that. . .

It’s all advertising, and it’s never free. 

Organic social media takes time. Yours or someone who works for you. Writing a newsletter for your clients, having coffee with a colleague, serving on a corporate board, playing golf with a leader in your market—advertising one and all. 

If you want to do paid advertising—display, billboard, paid search, direct mail, etc. (and you are allowed to)–I say do it. Do it with dignity, but get your message in front of more people who need your services.

Because you need clients and clients need you. 

The fact is, you can scale paid advertising much easier than anything you do with your time. So if you want to do paid advertising but still hesitate, consider another option. 

Instead of advertising your services or your firm, advertise your book, report, podcast, seminar, or channel.

The result is the same. Traffic, leads, more new clients. You just take an extra step to get there.