Mom likes you better


Some of your clients like you more than others. And because they do, they’re willing to do things for you that other clients won’t. 

They’re willing to provide a review or testimonial, and it will be a good one. They’re willing to fill out your survey, share your content, tell their friends about your upcoming event, send traffic to your website, and. . . send you referrals. Maybe lots of referrals. And introductions, too. And wit

Without being asked.

Your best clients give you more legal work, sure, but they also do other things that help you build your list and your practice. 

And they should be treated accordingly.

Give your best clients extra time and attention. Invite them to your “inner circle”. Give them bonuses, promote their business or cause, and give them personal time. 

Start by making a list of 10 to 30 of your “best of the best” clients. Keep that list in front of you, to remind you to give them extra attention. Once a week or so, call or write, send them an article, or just say hello. 

See how they’re doing, and what they need or want. And find ways to help them get it.

And we’re not talking about legal issues, necessarily. Maybe they need customers; you might do a profile of their business in your newsletter. Maybe they have a personal issue you have had some experience with and can offer advice. Maybe they have a child who is sick or injured and they need to hear someone tell them it will be okay. 

Talk to them, ask about them, and look for opportunities to help them, console them, support them, promote them, or inspire them. 

Yes, that takes time. What about the rest of your clients? 

Reserve 80% of your “client time” for your best clients and do it one-on-one. Allocate 20% of your client time for the rest of your clients, and give them time primarily “as a group” e.g., via your newsletter, and automate and/or delegate most of that time.

Treat your best clients the way they deserve. Your practice will thank you.

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