Maybe you need some new friends


Jim Rohn said, “If you wish to be successful, study success.” A good place to start is by studying successful lawyers. 

Some lawyers are great marketers. Some are great at managing their practice. Some have other skills that have helped them build a happy personal life. 

You would do well to identify, learn from, and emulate the ones who know what they’re doing, as long as what they are doing is consistent with how you work and what you want to build. 

It might be someone you know. Spend more time with your successful lawyer contacts. Ask them what they’re doing, find out the systems and methods they use, ask them to recommend vendors and resources, and follow in their mighty footsteps. 

It might be someone you would like to know. Ask your contacts if they know them and ask them to introduce you. Or just pick up the phone and introduce yourself. Tell them you liked their article, ask a question, or congratulate them on their recent victory.

Sometimes, you can learn from someone without ever speaking to them. 

Study their articles, their website, their advertising, their webinars, and anything else you can find about them. Discovering their secrets might be as simple as reading their book, watching their videos, or subscribing to their newsletter.

And there are other ways you can benefit from networking with successful lawyers. 

You can learn about their practice areas and markets. Find out who’s who and what’s what.

You can promote each other’s content, events, and practice. 

You can become workout partners, holding each other accountable to doing what you said you intended to do. 

Or you can help each other with learning how to use an app, sharing templates or forms, or providing feedback about your new project. 

At the very least, other lawyers can inspire you and show you what’s possible. Having a successful lawyer to model gives you a track to run on.  

What if you’re not sure you have something to offer in return? 

But you do. 

You can promote their practice, without asking anything in return. Send them referrals if you can, write about them on your blog, interview them for your channel. 

You’ll get their attention. And earn some of their time. And take the first step towards a mutually rewarding professional relationship.

And maybe a new friend.

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