Do your clients love you this much?


Years ago, I was sitting with a client, looking at her auto insurance policy, and I noticed a few things I thought she should change to improve her coverage and reduce the cost. As I recall, she and her family were paying nearly $4000 per year, which is a lot today but was crazy expensive then.

I also told her she should shop around and get some quotes from other companies because she was paying top dollar with her company. I had just written a book on the subject and told her that by shopping around, she might get the same coverage and cut her premiums by one-third or even more.

She thanked me for my advice, but said she wasn’t going to change anything. She and her husband had been with their agent for several years and trusted him completely. He took good care of them when they had a claim and she would never think of leaving him, even if she could save $1000 or more per year.

Clearly, they loved this guy. What was his secret? And what can you do to inspire this kind of undying loyalty with your clients?

In my view, it had nothing to do with the “work” he did for them and everything to do with him.

He made his clients feel appreciated and well taken care of.

And yes, that’s enough.

Your clients might be pleased with the work you do for them, and think your fees are reasonable, but c’mon, they can get good legal work and reasonable fees from your competition.

But there’s only one you.

Build relationships with your clients and you’ll never want for clients.

Pay attention to the little things you do for them—the way you greet them, the way you remember their birthday, their dog’s name, and that their daughter does Irish dancing or plays goalie on her soccer team—that’s the stuff people appreciate and remember.

When you make your clients fall in love with you (not your work), they’ll never leave you, even when other lawyers offer to do the same work for less.

Marketing is simple when you know “The Formula”