Sell me your legal services


You do it every day. You do it so well and so often you may not realize you’re doing it, or want to admit it. 

But you do. You sell your legal services.

You do that by following 5 steps:

  1. Questions. You ask lots of them, to get the information you need to diagnose the client’s problem and prescribe the solution. 
  2. Listen. You do that to make sure you understand what the client says, what they don’t say, what they want and what they don’t want.
  3. Options. You tell the would-be client what you can do to help them, and what might happen if they delay or do nothing. 
  4. Objections. They tell you why they aren’t ready, don’t have the money, or otherwise can’t get started, and you respond by helping them understand why they can and should. 
  5. Close. You ask them what they want to do, or you’ve done a good job of the preceding steps and they tell you. 

And, just like that, you have a new client. 

Or you don’t. They may not need your help or be ready and able to hire you. So you stay in touch with them until they are ready, or they have another matter for you, or a referral. 

Yes, that’s selling. That’s what you do. And while you’re good at it, why not get better?

Work on improving all the steps, but especially number 2. 

Listening is not only important for understanding, it shows the client you care about them and what they’re telling you. It’s how you validate the client and their problem, which is why it is arguably the most important step.

So, you make eye contact. Let them speak without interruption. Ask follow-up questions. And repeat back to them what you heard them say, to make sure.

You also let them see you write down what they say, because what they say is important and because you are thorough and pay attention to details.

Listening is an art. When you’re good at it, the client often sells themself. 

Marketing (and selling legal services) is easier when you know The Formula